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mySQL is one of the most widely used open source databases around the world. Today this is the database engine driving up to 90% of PHP driven websites on the web. PHP has been the first love of mySQL and …

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Please view the following URL for cause and resolution of this problem Most of the times this occurs if you have a more than web.config defined in your sub folders.

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To be frank I used to think that ASP.NET menu control was complex and hard to use. Boy was I wrong!!! ASP.NET provides a menu control which allows you set all its visual properties and menu items and voila start …

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The <asp:Checkbox> is one of those controls in ASP.NET which does not have a default Value property in which you can store a value and retrieve it upon postback. This becomes a problem in cases where the value has to …

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I had a requirement from our SEO department for a website. They wanted to create some static URL sort of pages for a website they were working on and wanted those URLs to be placed on the website footer. Now, …

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