How to update a table using a join in mySQL

Some times we come across scenarios where we need to update a tableĀ  or more than one table based on a join condition between 2 or more tables. I know this sounds complex but its possible in mySQL and believe me its a life saver. This feature is also know as “update join”. Suppose you … Read more

How to check for case sensitive record in mySQL

Some times you will come across a situation where you need to restrict a user based on the case sensitive nature of the data in the database. To better understand this problem, suppose we have a mySQL table which houses the username and passwords of the users and some user has entered his username with … Read more

How to resolve the Zen Cart Illegal mix of collations error

We had deployed a Zen Cart website and we came up with the following error in the Zen Cart admin panel when clicking on the Tools -> Send Email link. Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_general_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation ‘locate’ After checking the table collation in PHPmyAdmin I found that the subscribers table (created when … Read more

Sign the petition to save mySQL

After Oracle announced in mid 2009 to acquire Sun there has been much apprehension in the open source community over the future of mySQL. Sun had acquired MySQL AB (the company) and kept it open source however once Oracle acquires it things may not remain the same as mySQL is a competitor to Oracle. Save … Read more