How to take backup of mySQL database using PHP

Database backups are really important for any website or application. If your database crashes and you don’t have any backup then you could lose a lot of business and what’s more your credibility could be at stake. Fortunately all leading databases provide an option to take backups and restore them as well which help you … Read more

Google Bar Chart Sample Script

Google provides a very good chart package which allows you to integrate with your website via JavaScript. You just need to feed the values and it will generate the chart for you. I have just generated a sample bar chart script using Google Charts. Check out the Google Bar Chart Sample code here

How to run Python code on Notepad++

I recently installed Python on my Windows 7 machine and I was browsing online for an editor which I could use to write and run Python code. I came across Notepad++ which I incidentally had worked on a couple of years back and thought why not. The steps I followed to complete the process are … Read more

Business VCard QR Code Generator Script

You may have heard of QR Codes. QR Codes are Quick Response codes which help people using mobile phones to fetch information quickly instead of typing them. This helps save time and effort for the visitor and helps you to give more information regarding your product and service. If you visit my website you … Read more

Robots.txt Generator Script

If you would like to generate a robots.txt file for your website and you are not sure what to put in it then have no fear. You can use the script I have generated for this purpose. You just need to enter the relevant values into the input fields and press the Generate Robots button. … Read more

PHP Calendar Script

I have developed a calendar script in PHP which you can use on your own websites/pages. The script is very basic in that it allows you to view the days and dates of a particular month and year just by selecting the appropriate value from the drop downs. You can check out the calendar in … Read more