Month: September 2013

Basic SEO steps to optimize website on Google

These are some basic steps which I feel every search engine optimizer must follow to optimize a website from scratch. If these issues are resolved at the start then you will not face any optimization issues later on. Check for

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Steps to follow if you are about to lose your job in your company

If you come to know some day that your company is closing due to change of business vision, heavy losses due to recession or some very bad business decisions and you may be out of a job in a couple

Islamic verse to help you find new job and ease financial burden

The above is translation of an Islamic verse which would help you find a new job and ease your financial burden and constraints. It is said that you should recite this verse at Fajr prayers during the time between the

Should I outsource my website to a freelancer or to a local company

A million dollar question no doubt but you should know the answer or at least have some idea after reading below. If you answer them according to your website requirements then you can quickly arrive at what’s best for you

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