Classic example of hijab vs. no hijab

Hijab as defined on Wikipedia is A hijab is the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women and modest Muslim styles of dress in general. This word has been very much in the news in Europe especially France where the government has taken special interest in placing restrictions on women using hijab. They have already … Read moreClassic example of hijab vs. no hijab

Pakistan Energy “Con”servation Policy 2010

The summer is now in full swing in Pakistan and April, May and June are the hottest months in Pakistan with the temperatures ranging from 40C to 52C and sometimes even more. With the heat picking up people switch to fans, A/C’s, etc. as it becomes unbearable. However Pakistan, being a resource short country, is … Read morePakistan Energy “Con”servation Policy 2010

How to update currency rates in OsCommerce store

A client of mine wanted to display product prices in US dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound and Australian dollar so that the customer could view prices in their own currencies. The default currency was set to Euro. Now anyone who has used Oscommerce or developed modules in it would know that this is quite a … Read moreHow to update currency rates in OsCommerce store

Shenaigans of Pakistani banks and their “requirements”

I had the misfortune of needing a pay order today for a personal matter. I drove to the Silkbank branch nearest to my home and after the security guard checked me from “top to bottom” with his metal scanner I proceeded inside. The lady at the counter was very obliging and handed me the pay … Read moreShenaigans of Pakistani banks and their “requirements”