Month: January 2010

How to customize the theme of your WordPress registration page

After implementing the theme on WordPress the client asked for the default WordPress registration page to be also completed in the same theme. He had a point in that the WordPress registration page will look very out to the visitor

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Streaming videos on MSN can’t be seen outside the USA :(

You know when ever you login onto the Live Messenger you receive a splash screen outlining the new articles and news on MSN. I sometimes read articles of interest but most of the times I just close them. Today one

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How to generate a CSV file in PHP for any number of fields

If you need to code a script in PHP to generate a CSV for a table(s) in mySQL and you don’t know how many columns are there then please use the following code to generate the CSV file. The script

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What is Twitter oAuth all about?

oAuth as defined on Twitter is OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows users to approve application to act on their behalf without sharing their password This would allow customers to give access to their accounts on 3rd party websites

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Sign the petition to save mySQL

After Oracle announced in mid 2009 to acquire Sun there has been much apprehension in the open source community over the future of mySQL. Sun had acquired MySQL AB (the company) and kept it open source however once Oracle acquires

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Google adsense does not seem to show up in IE8

Our client wanted to show Google Adsense on some pages of his website.  So after deciding on which pages he wanted to show the ads he supplied the code to us and we placed it on the page.  Straight forward

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One reason why you should not enable all extensions in PHP

I was going through my php.ini file a few days back and looking at all the extensions there. Out of curiosity I thought of enabling all the extensions (I know not a wise move) and see what happens. So I

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