Month: July 2009

Stocks ride high at the Karachi Stock Exchange

Friday was a fantastic day at the Karachi Stock Exchange. The result season has already started and some blue chip company is announcing its results every other day for the 4th quarter 2009. Expectations in the market are high right

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What is the minimum mySQL version requirement for Zencart?

A client of mine developed his website in Zencart and after careful scrutiny approved the website for deployment to his production machine. He provided the FTP and mySQL information for us to deploy the website. As is the practice, I

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How to add number of days in a date in mySQL?

A client was running a membership driven website for some time now. He had been offering free membership and no membership expiry up till now. However, some where along the way he was bit by the commercial bug 🙂 and

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How to resolve the empty confirmCode issue in Joomla

I was working on a client website based on Joomla. When any member registered on the website an email was sent to the member’s email address to verify his account. The email was coming up fine but the confirmCode variable

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How to display map of UK postcode using MultiMap

If you would like to display map of UK postcode using MultiMap then its fairly easy however you’ll have to understand a bit how MultiMap does it. First you will have to register as a developer on the website through

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What to do if you got the “Got error 28 from storage engine” in mySQL?

I had logged into PhPMyAdmin and was trying to add some fields into a table when I got the error “Got error 28 from storage engine”. I tried to refresh the page but it kept coming. I closed the browser

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4th quarter corporate results to be announced at the Karachi Stock Exchange

The fourth quarter ended on June 30 2009 and its that time of the year when corporates announce their financial results and shareholders anxiously wait for the amount of dividend that is going to be paid to them. The Karachi

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How to implement CAPTCHA on Zencart registration forms?

A client of ours was facing an issue with spam registrations on his website. We had developed his website on Zencart. The issue was that spam bots were registering on his website in the hundreds and the client wanted us

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How can you increase conversion rates with Google Web Optimizer Tool

Most of the times you will find that even when the website is live and running and there are no bugs/issues on the website you will see that not many people are buying the product/service you are offering. You may

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How to install the Comodo SSL seal on your website?

For those of you who take sensitive information from customers such as personal or payment information you will most probably use SSL to make your website safer from sniffers. Installing SSL on your web server is a some what technical