Month: April 2009

.htaccess file not showing up in FTP client

Our SEO team was working on a website and they had made some changes to the .htaccess file and uploaded it onto that website. The problem was that they did not know that the website already had its own .htaccess

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Steps to consider for Barclays ePDQ MPI XML integration

If you are ever to integrate the Barclays ePDQ MPI XML integration with your website then please consider the following things as it will help you save a lot of your time and effort. Always keep in mind that the

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Modify the auto increment value in mySQL

If you want to modify the auto increment column to start inserting records from a specific value then you will need to run the following statement. ALTER TABLE <table_name> AUTO_INCREMENT = 12345; After running the above statement the insertion will

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