Month: February 2009

Generate mySQL dump for mySQL 4.x and below

If you have developed a website in mySQL 5.x and your client somehow manages to purchase a hosting which supports mySQL 4.x (don’t know how this could happen but it happened to me once) then you can do the following

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Disable Enter key on form

If you need to disable JavaScript on your form then apply the following code in the <head> tag. <!– <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”> function checkEnterkey(evt) { var evt = (evt) ? evt : ((event) ? event : null); if (evt.keyCode ==

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Firefox not detecting form elements populated through AJAX

While working on a PHP script I encountered a problem which was working fine on IE but not on Firefox. I was trying to display a list of records through AJAX and user had to select any one to proceed

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Important factors for starting a high traffic website

Following points will help you on starting a high traffic website. 1. Firstly before doing anything think what would you like your website to do. Do you want a website which showcases your special talent or work or business or

Custom Error Handling in PHP

While working on PHP websites you may have come across error messages like Fatal Error, Warning and Notice of one sort or the other. These are fine while the website is in development phase however once the website goes to

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Passing by reference in PHP

There are two ways to pass a variable to a function. Pass by value and pass by reference. Here we’ll discuss passing a variable by reference to a function. When you need to actually modify the value of the variable

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URL mapping in ASP.NET

I had a requirement from our SEO department for a website. They wanted to create some static URL sort of pages for a website they were working on and wanted those URLs to be placed on the website footer. Now,

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How to use AJAX to check user already exists or not in PHP

AJAX is a wonderful technology that provides the visitor with a “no refresh” experience on the web. With the advent and popularity of Web 2.0 this technology is making progress by leaps and bounds. If you would like to verify

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Redirect from non-SSL to SSL pages in PHP

If you are working on a website which is hosted on a Windows machine and needs to be browsed in SSL aka Secure Sockets Layer by visitors then you can use the following code to make sure that visitors are

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New wordpress theme implemented on

Today I changed the theme of my blog. I sat down in the morning and downloaded WordPress and went to work on developing my own theme. After a couple of hours here is what you see. It is not fancy

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