Month: January 2009

Problems while installing Drupal 6.x

If you are facing problem on step 3 of Drupal installation where you enter your database name, username and password and after clicking Continue button the page just refreshes blanking out everything then the following fix applies to you if

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WhitePages API allows you to search for people and businesses on the web. They even provide a Developer API which you can use to provide search on your website. I thought of registering there and going through it and show any

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Problem in Internet Explorer when exporting to Excel

On some browsers such as internet explorer the export to Excel might not work. It might give some error that it is not able to download the page and abort export. This has nothing to do with your code. To

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How to export data into Excel from a browser

If you have some type of report which you would like to export into Excel then you can do so by doing the steps below in PHP: 1. Ideally you should create a separate file which should mimic the one

Redirect from SSL URLs to non-SSL URLs in Zencart

A client of the company I work for pointed out a problem in which some how the SSL version of his website got indexed into Google and other search engines.  Now this posed a problem for the client as search

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No website response due to auto close in SQL Server 2005

I had been working on a website based on ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. However I was facing a problem on it. Problem was that the website worked all right during the busy hours such as in

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Tips on how to make your website cross-browser compatible

Following tips will help you to make a cross-browser compatible website as all leading browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc are starting to base their markup formatting on W3C standards: 1. Firstly, HTML 4.01 is outdated

How to move large sized mySQL database

We have all moved databases from one hosting machine to another by creating SQL dumps with PhpMyAdmin or any other mySQL desktop client on the source machine and then running those SQL scripts on the destination machine. This is fine

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List of job sites

Job seekers all over the world are trying to land that “better job” than the one they currently have and in the process put in some time exploring the overall job market and whats in and whats not. Job and

Download the latest browscap.ini file

You can get the latest browscap.ini file from the following website. After downloading the file you can copy the file to your system WINDIR/system32/inetsrv folder and start using it.

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